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Four Divisions At Your Service

Greenyard is one of the few companies in the world that has the ability to supply its customers with a complete range of fruit and vegetables in any popular format and is producing potting soils to grow fruit and vegetables in a sustainable way. We proactively help retailers expand and develop their fruit and vegetables category, which holds an enormous potential.


Each of our four divisions is a leader in its field. They collaborate closely with some of the largest retailers and food service companies in the world, helping them to expand their offering, develop new markets and successfully anticipate consumer trends.

Greenyard Fresh is a global market leader in fresh fruit and vegetables. Of the world’s 20 largest food retailers, 19 count on us every day for a steady and high-quality supply of fresh produce to their stores. Our worldwide network of growers and our advanced logistics enable us to get any type of fresh product to the customer and consumer at exactly the right moment. Our innovation efforts are focused on more convenience and more diversity for the consumer. With over 500 dedicated ripening rooms, we are also one of the largest fruit ripeners in Europe.

Greenyard Frozen is a pioneer and market leader that processes freshly harvested fruit and vegetables into frozen food products that are easy to store and take little or no time to prepare. State-of-the-art instant freezing technology pauses the ingredients at the peak of perfection, preserving color, texture, flavor and nutrients until consumers are ready to enjoy them. Our packaging is designed for easy portioning: consumers take the amount they need and the rest is saved for later.

Greenyard Prepared processes freshly harvested fruit and vegetables into preserved and prepared food products that cater to the needs of modern-day consumers. We offer our customers – including retailers, food service companies and the food industry – a wide variety of preserved fruit and vegetables, packaged in glass, cans, pouches or foil for maximum convenience and easy preparation. We have also developed an extended range of ready-to-eat food products, including soups, sauces, dips and pasta dishes.

Greenyard Horticulture offers professional growers a wide range of growing media and soil improvers for plants, fruit and vegetables. With more than 1,000 soil types available, our products are tailored to each customer, allowing them to improve both quality and profitability. Horticulture also taps into the emerging trend of urban farming, with an innovative range of products for consumers that want to grow their own fruit and vegetables. We also help cities to become greener, with solutions for roof gardens and other forms of urban greenery.